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Goals for 2019-2020

Foxborough Public Schools

2019-2020 School District Goals and

School Committee Functions and Responsibilities


School District Goals

  1.  Communication/Community Relations


    We will continue to encourage two-way communication within the District among staff, parents, and the community, as well as outreach to legislators to advocate for our needs.  Key components include:


    • Expand and coordinate models of communication to promote student and school activities, happenings and accomplishments.
    • Assess outcomes of current 3-Year Strategic Plan (2017-2020) and develop and implement new 3-Year Strategic Plan (2020-2023).
    • Include teaching and learning highlights and/or student recognitions at each regularly scheduled school committee meeting.
    • Continue to update and involve parents and the community on facility needs or projects such as the Burrell Elementary School renovation project.
    •  Explore ways to communicate in a visible way that Foxborough is a community that embraces and celebrates differences, identities and cultural backgrounds.
    • Continue to maintain collaborative relations with legislative leaders and continue efforts to enhance Chapter 70 funding and monitor charter school funding formula and decreasing state and federal grants.


  2. Student Success

Through a series of initiatives, we will continue to enhance opportunities for students to reach higher levels of achievement in an effort to ensure access and equity for all students.  Key components include:


  • Continue to prepare, coordinate, implement and expand social emotional programming and supports that ensure a positive and productive learning environment for students and staff.
  • Review Response to Intervention (RtI) model and assess current needs of district to prepare for implementation of Massachusetts Tiered System of Support (MTSS). Update by April 2020.
  • Review the progress of the current 3-Year District Technology Plan (2017-2020).
  • Review, present and utilize student achievement data through annual updates of Foxborough Public Schools “Baselines and Benchmarks” report. Update by November 2019.
  • Expand Instructional Rounds in order to increase student motivation, engagement, and authentic learning experiences.
  • Continue to assess special education programs.  Monitor and assess effective inclusion and co-teaching practices that promote achievement goals. Provide annual update in March 2020.
  • Continue the curriculum review cycle to support student outcomes and to ensure alignment with state and national standards.  Progress report annually.
  • Using the characteristics within the Profile of a Graduate, provide more opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate global competencies.
  •  Explore opportunities for ways to assess student competencies on a global level.



School Committee Functions and Responsibilities


  1.  Financial Management


    The School Committee will continue to ensure that the budget provides for the success of all students in the district while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

  • Ensure the budget adequately supports the district’s mission, vision and goals.
  • Review monthly budget reports and take appropriate actions.
  • Continue to meet and collaborate with municipal and legislative leaders on fiscal matters.
  • Continue to work with municipal officials in support of town financial plans and in concert with the town’s approved financial policies.
  • Continue to work with Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) and the community to articulate the needs for the renovation of all schools in the district.
  • Appoint a budget subcommittee to monitor budget development.


  1.  Policy Development


    The School Committee will review, approve, and maintain proactive and aligned policies to support student success in conjunction with the Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC).


  • By April 2020 review the policy manual when MASC advises of potential policy changes.  With the help of MASC, the Committee and school administration will update individual policies when needed or required by district or legislative mandate.
  • Appoint a policy subcommittee to monitor ongoing changes in policy per MASC.


  1. Superintendent’s Performance


The School Committee will:


  • Support the Superintendent in the implementation of strategy for systemic improvement and the ongoing development of a high functioning leadership team.
  • Evaluate Superintendent’s performance and complete the School Committee overall composite evaluation by June 2020, and conduct public evaluation by July 2020.


School Committee Approved:  August 26, 2019